Albut Memorial Estate

In 1890, Mikhail Mitskevich, a forester from Radzivil, once again changed his place of residence. On April 22, 1890, he took over the Albut manor, which became the fourth place of service. Archival materials in Russian and Polish mention that place under the name Albut.

After a year of their life in a new place, on March 30, 1891, a fire broke out in the estate, which destroyed everything to the ground, because at that moment there were no men in the house. The Mickiewicz family was left with nothing — no hut, no bread, no clothes.

A new hut in the Albut estate was erected in the same 1891. The hut consisted of a room, a vestibule and a pantry, a brick oven, the floor and ceilings were planked.

Unforgettable pictures from childhood and adolescence (Yakub Kolas lived there from 1890 to 1902) became the basis and the foundation on which the poet's talent grew stronger and stronger.

In Albut, Kostus learned to read, from there he went to a public school in the village of Nikolaevshchina, it was here that he wrote his first poem. From here I went to study at the Nesvizh teacher's seminary, and returned there for the summer from Polesie as a young teacher, Konstantin Mikhailovich Mickiewicz. Albut places were glorified by the poet in many works, in the poem "New Land" Albut is described as Porechye.

In 1902, without waiting for the dream of his own land to come true, his father, Mikhail Kazimirovich, died.

In 1990, a literary and memorial exposition based on the poem "New Land" was created in the restored hut. It seems that the owners left the estate for a very short time, soon the hut will be filled with the voices of children, mother Anna will spin near the stove, uncle Antos will start hosting in the courtyard.

In the created exposition, there are photographs of prototypes of the heroes of the poem, manuscripts, editions of the poem from different years, household items of peasants of the 19th—20th centuries. In continuation of the commentary on the poem "New Land" — the exhibition "Beekeeping and Fishing", located in the restored threshing floor.

In 2013, in one of the outbuildings, the first part of the exposition "Nature in the life and work of Yakub Kolas" was opened — the interactive zone "Healer's House" ("Medicinal herbs in the Mickiewiczs family"). The exposition "Healer's Hut" is a reconstruction of a part of the hut (from the red corner to the corner of the stove) of a village woman-healer, where a working area is provided for the preparation and storage of medicinal teas, herbal tinctures. In this interactive zone, classes are held for children and adults on the study of medicinal herbs and tea tasting.

In a spacious estate, fenced, there is a large barn, a threshing floor, next to it is a shed with household utensils, a wild pear grows near it. Unfortunately, in 1997, a blizzard that swept through the Stolbtsy region also affected the Kolosovo places, did not spare the age-old forest, which along the road that Kostus once walked to the Nikolaev School, destroyed the age-old linden in the estate near the house. But its trunk, as a symbol of memory, still sprouted, and in summer the young branches rustle their leaves, affirming the eternity of life on earth.